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Hot Water Heater Services

Water heaters come in a variety of fuel types consisting of gas, propane, and electric. Oil configurations are typically run in conjunction with a boiler. Water heaters then fall into one of four core categories, power vented, atmospheric, electric, and tankless.

Power Vent Condensing Water Heaters

Power Vent Condensing Water Heaters

Power vent water heaters are considered high efficiency water heaters because they utilize the exhaust gas from heating the water tank to continue heating the water. Thereby reducing the amount of time the burner needs to run which reduces energy consumption. This is the primary type of water heater you will see in new construction applications where gas fuel is available and generally achieves efficiency ratings above 90%.

Atmospheric Conventional Water Heaters

Atmospheric Conventional Water Heaters

Atmospheric water heaters are the most common water heaters installed in homes. A burner heats up a water tank to a given temperature and as water is used and the tank is refilled, the burner simply turns on until the set water temperature is achieved. These systems are the least efficient gas water heaters, typically achieving 80% efficiency.

Condensing Boilers

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters use an electric heating element to gradually heat the water in the tank. Of all water heaters these are the least efficient because of the electricity required to heat the water tank. There have been some advancements to the construction of electric water heaters which entail the use of carbon fiber and foam to reduce heat loss thus increasing efficiency.

Condensing Boilers

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters are a great option for applications where gas fuel is not available. Like a traditional heat pump heating system, the system will extract heat from the ambient temperature in the air to maintain temperature within the tank. In the event there is not enough heat in the ambient air, the system will revert to an electrical backup to provide hot water. If you have an all electric home this is a great way to increase your home efficiency.

Condensing Boilers

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heater systems are relatively new to the US market but widely used elsewhere in the world. They have a compact design which can be wall mounted and do not require a tank of standing water like their conventional counterparts. As the name implies, a tankless unit does not have a tank and heats the water on demand. Often referred to as an “on-demand water heater”. The benefit of a tankless unit is unlimited hot water, and the efficiency gain of not having to continually heat a tank of standing water. These units come in both gas and electric versions with the gas systems being the most efficient option.

Need A New Hot Water Water Heater?

Don't do without a ready, abundant supply of hot water. Synergy3 can bring your water heating system up to modern standards. If it always seems like you're running out of hot water for showering, cleaning and washing dishes, you don't have to just put up with the hassle. Synergy3 can assess your family's hot water needs and your current water heating system to help you decide what's the right step for your family.

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Water Heaters Installation

If your older water heater is on the fritz or just can't keep up with your usage demands, it's time to look into a modern water heater. With many cases, a new, efficient model represents a huge energy savings to families that eventually recoups its cost. From start to finish, we scrutinize every detail of the job to ensure you're totally satisfied. We carefully recruit, screen and train top talent so your job is done by only the best technicians who share our detail-oriented vision. We also require ongoing education so our crew remains up-to-date on all the latest water heater technology and installation advances. You can depend upon our technicians to offer prompt, courteous and professional work throughout the time they spend in your home.

Our service scope includes jobs large, small and in-between. We serve residential and commercial properties in the Montgomery County, Bucks County and Philadelphia, PA areas, Central and South Jersey.

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