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How to Make the Jump From Furnace to Heat Pump

Your furnace has been as reliable as can be, but it’s costing you money. Beyond that, it’s potentially a safety hazard compared to a heat pump. Whatever your choice is for making the switch, changing to a different type of system can be a bit daunting and feel like a hassle. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that difficult to upgrade your heating service in Philadelphia.

Start With the Basics

You know you want to make the switch, you know the benefits of heat pumps, but you’re not 100% certain yet. The best thing to do to start out is to understand the basics of the change you’re making.

  • Method: Gas furnaces use combustion to create heat, while heat pumps move heat from one area to another. They can take heat from outside air or the ground (geothermal).
  • Safety: A heat pump is electric, while a furnace uses combustion, normally through gas. A gas furnace creates a byproduct known as carbon monoxide which can be lethal if it leaks out of your furnace.
  • Efficiency: Heat pumps are generally considered more energy-efficient than even the highest-efficiency furnace.
  • Dual Use: A heat pump is also an air conditioner, while a furnace only provides heating.
  • Temperature Operability: Furnaces can operate more efficiently at lower temperatures than heat pumps can unless you purchase a cold-climate heat pump.

Now that you know the main differences between the two, let’s talk about energy efficiency and the changes you can expect in your home comfort (and utility bills).

Understand Heat Pumps are Highly Energy Efficient

Compared to a gas or electric furnace, heat pumps pumps transfer more energy than they consume. Heat pumps are powered by electricity and don’t use any fossil fuels. This means you stand to save substantially on utility costs and fuel consumption.

A heat pump is more efficient than a furnace because it runs for less time (on average) and requires less energy output in the first place. You get more home heating for that one unit of energy spent than you do with a furnace.

Make a Financial Forecast Ahead of Time

If you’re replacing your furnace with a heat pump, you’re also replacing your air conditioner. While a heat pump is a great investment, the upfront cost is also more than it would be to get a new furnace installed. It’s worth it, especially when you consider the long-term, month-to-month savings on your utility bills, but it’s something to think about. Be sure to plan ahead and make sure a heat pump is the right move for you. If not, we also offer furnace installation if you simply want to put a new furnace in.

It’s Time to Make the Switch

Out with the old, in with the new. In this case, that saying applies to your furnace. Switching to a heat pump doesn’t have to be daunting when you have us on your side. Call us today to start making the transition and we’ll help make the process as quick and seamless as possible so you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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