Hiring and Training

At Synergy3 we genuinely believe that you’re only as strong as your weakest link. We only recruit quality people that perform quality work for our customers


Synergy the interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

This definition defines the core of everything we do at Synergy3. By working cohesively with our clients and achieving a unified vision, we are able to achieve greater results than we or our clients could produce individually. One plus One does equal Three when working in partnership with Synergy 3.

Hiring and Training

During the process of recruitment, we rigorously screen the applicants’ background, verify previous employment, test their skills, and confirm any certifications and licenses. It’s not enough for applicants to be qualified though, we search for applicants that share our core values and culture. It sounds like a lot of hassle, but we prioritize creating a family-like atmosphere for our workers.

We provide all employees with continuing education through our in-house training facility’s live lab for the best hands-on and theory training our guys can get, so they are up-to-date on building codes, new equipment, and more advanced techniques.

With our 25+ years of experience, we’ve seen everything! Our experience in replacing outdated HVAC equipment with modern, efficient HVAC equipment ensures even the oldest units pose no problem for our crew.

If it’s a Synergy3 project, you know it will be done right. You can count on us to find and keep the best people on the cutting edge of HVAC.

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