Synergy3 is a leading provider of mechanical services for municipal programs, utility providers, home builders, and residential consumers. Synergy3 provides end to end solutions for the HVACr, Plumbing, and Electrical services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & Delaware. Our attention to detail, uncompromising quality, and project capabilities has earned us the reputation of being the first choice, if not the only choice, for mechanical projects and programs.

About Us


Synergy the interaction or cooperation giving rise to a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.

This definition defines the core of everything we do at Synergy3. By working cohesively with our clients and achieving a unified vision, we are able to achieve greater results than we or our clients could produce individually. One plus One does equal Three when working in partnership with Synergy3.

Our Story

What started with one man and a 1991 Ford Explorer back in 2006. We havebecome a multi-million dollar company, with over twenty-five people across three locations (with our 15,000ft2 headquarters building), covering the Tri-state area and winning contracts with the City of Philadelphia.

In the early days, the company primarily worked in the new construction residential sector for builders such as Toll Brothers, Pulte Homes, Khonovianian, and more.

It was not until 2008-2009 when the company received its first program contract with PHDC (Phila Housing Dev Corp) to help low-income Philadelphia residents with heating repairs and new heating system installations.

The word got out about the quality of work that Synergy3 provided, and another agency, ECA (energy coordinating agency of Phila), awarded Synergy3 with a similar contract.

During the ARRA funds period, Synergy3, through recommendations, found another partner in Mark Group, a British company with big ambitions operating on fourcontinents. Mark Group was providing energy efficiency services to the customers in NJand PA. Synergy3 was the leading HVAC partner covering a 100-mile radius. Mark Group and Synergy3 provided HVAC and plumbing services to customers: hundreds of systems were installed and repaired, and the service territory was expanded.

During that time, Synergy3 was introduced to the NJ Clean Energy Program. Weare now the approved contractor, providing a full spectrum of residential energy efficiency services, including blower door testing, insulation, and HVAC.

Toparticipate in our company, technicians need to become BPI certified, which isthe most respected and the hardest of certifications to obtain in the HVAC and Energy Efficiency industries.

In 2015 Synergy3 found another strong partner in the CMC energy services. Through CMC, Synergy3 provides services to PECO and PGW territory residents and inthe State of NJ for the NJCPP program, which features many utilities and covers the entire state.

The Direct Install Program, which stands on its own, provides services to commercial building owners. These include installing new rooftop units, commercial-sized HVAC systems, etc.

Another strong partner is JAB Energy Services, which services PGW clients in Philadelphia. Through JAB alone, Synergy3 installs an average of one-hundred high-efficiency heating systems a year.

Since 2017, Synergy3 has worked directly with the City of Philadelphia, winning multiple contracts.These include notable contracts with Stenton Park Recreation Center, the Lemon Hill Mansion, the Loudon Mansion, and the Rivera Recreational Center. We are still actively working with the City of Philadelphia.

In Late 2019 early 2020, Synergy launched its Residential branch in Chester and surrounding counties in PA as “Sunrise Comfort Solutions.” What began as an idea in the making for five years was launched in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic and has been a success! Under the Synergy3 leadership team & Chris Cavanaugh, the Sunrise brand is growing rapidly, installing and servicing HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and whole-house generation systems in very challenging times and conditions.

In 2020, the company was awarded four Lowe’s stores for distributing Lowe’s and Lennox brands for customers in PA and DE. Following these quick successes, we are currently in talks with senior leadership at Lowe’s to be awarded more stores throughout PA and NJ.

Quality of work, communication, and respect have been and will continue to be our driving force. We are set for growth; current plans include offering plumbing servicesfor clients in PA and NJ, adding a NJ Master Plumber, finishing our office, Training roomrenovations, and more.

Synergy3 Air Promise to You

We promise to provide our customers with free estimates, prompt and professional technicians, and service that makes you completely happy.

Benefits of Hiring a NATE Certified Tech

Synergy3 is certified by North American Technician Excellence, Inc. (NATE). NATE was founded in 1997 and represents America's gold standard for certification in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR) industry. NATE is the only technician certification organization governed, owned, operated, developed, and supported by the HVACR industry. All Synergy3 technicians are NATE certified, ensuring we provide you with the best quality service for all your HVAC needs.

Hiring and Training

You won't get quality work without quality people. We recruit only highly skilled employees at Synergy3. Then we rigorously screen the applicants' background, verify previous employment, test their skills, and confirm any certification and licenses. On paper, those would make the best employees. But we aren't satisfied yet. We take an even closer look. We search for the rare applicants who share our keen eye for details. If they're not as persnickety as we are, we aren't interested. It sounds like a lot of hassle, but we stake our reputation on quality work. Our trainers thoroughly instruct new employees in our procedures to ensure consistency in quality among all our projects. Our experience in replacing outdated HVAC equipment with modern, efficient HVAC equipment ensures even the oldest units pose no problem for our crew. Trust us; over our 25-plus years of experience, we've seen everything! We also provide employees with continuing education so they are up-to-date on building codes, new equipment, and more advanced techniques. If it's an Synergy3 project, you know it's done right. You can count on us to find and keep the best people. And to keep them on the cutting edge of HVAC.

Product and Supplier Selection

A project completed with shoddy materials just won't do. Why bother at all, unless the equipment will last? At Synergy3, we partner with top suppliers to provide our clients with a wide array of premium products. Because we have such a large selection, we can find just the right supplies for the job. We select only the suppliers of the very best quality goods. We nitpick every single choice to make sure it perfectly suits your project's need. There are no one-size-fits-all as far as we're concerned. Each project represents a unique opportunity to perform custom work. Your project is as important to us as it is to you. That's why our attention to detail includes choosing the ideal suppliers and products. Planning done well means a project done right. Our planning and estimation involve the closest scrutiny to the most minute details. Guesswork has no place in our projects. We analyze every aspect of each project to ensure that we meet our clients' needs. As we work on projects, we continue our careful attention to each detail to ensure you're thrilled with the results. Our employees take pride in completing quality work. And that only happens because we use top-quality products and pay careful attention to each step along the way.

Customer Care and Service

When you call Synergy3, you will feel like our only customer and our friend. We're part of your community and work hard to earn the respect of our neighbors, whether they're next door or miles away. Our employees value your time. You shouldn't have to wait around for hours for workers to show up and with Synergy3, you won't. Our prompt employees arrive when on time to not throw off your schedule. We also respect your property. Synergy3 is bonded and insured. Our employees treat your home or business as carefully as they would their own, from the first day on the project to the final site clean-up. Having work done on your home or business can cause a commotion, but at Synergy3, we try to minimize disruptions. Just ask any of our satisfied customers who depend upon us for all their HVAC and ducting needs. They come back to us because of our attention to detail in hiring, training, sourcing materials, and completing jobs right.

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