Serving Pennsylvania

and New Jersey areas

I joined the HVAC/ plumbing world because I wanted to challenge myself. I’ve never had the chance to work in a technical industry where the work affects people so directly, and where my decisions improve the quality of their lives. It seemed like the perfect outlet for me to grow and develop my professional skills. The team at Synergy3 is no nonsense. The quality of your work matters more than anything else, which is a refreshing change compared to other industries. If you ask someone a question, they’re willing to take time and make sure you understand the entire scope of the answer. They won’t leave you confused! Professionally I’d like to become “fluent” in HVAC so I can better support my team, and better support clients looking to improve their comfort and indoor air quality. Personally I’d like to direct a music video for a musical act next year, plus eating new food! I enjoy cooking and throwing dinner parties, listening to new music, and watching reality TV.