Serving Pennsylvania

and New Jersey areas

I have been on the administrative side of HVAC & Electric for 16 plus years.
I really enjoy learning something new, in these fields, every day.
Along with typical office duties, I schedule evaluations, services/repairs & installations for one of our PA Utility programs.
My favorite time of day is our morning “huddles” with our 15+ HVAC/ELECTRIC/PLUMBING technicians. We review the previous day’s jobs, and prepare for today’s jobs & we always manage to add a little flavor, fun, or surprise to the huddle. This is our bonding time, so that as a team, our jobs run smoothly & efficiently.
I am a proud member of the Bryant Women of HVAC and have a newly acquired Notary License.
Alek, President of Synergy3, has given me the opportunity to grow and thrive in this field. Our entire team is a hard-core, hard-working group of individuals, making one successful & supportive team.