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Should A Mini Split Run All The Time? (Plus Performance Tips)

Ductless mini splits are an incredible piece of heating and cooling technology. They are energy efficient, whisper quiet, and require no invasive ductwork. One of the questions people have about them is how they operate.

Ductless mini splits operate a bit differently than traditional HVAC systems, and the amount of time they run is one of the interesting differences between the two.

Mini splits have the ability to run all the time, but there are instances where they don’t have to.

Are Mini Splits Designed To Run All The Time?

Ductless mini splits are designed to run all the time, even if they don’t have to. Central air systems usually kick on and off, as the temperature fluctuates. The cool or heat the air to the desired temperature, and then power down. Once the temperature starts to creep up or down, it powers back up to make the space comfortable again.

Instead, ductless mini splits are designed to run all the time, and maintain the desired temperature once you achieve it.

Inverter Technology

Through the use of inverter technology, a ductless mini split system is able to run for long periods of time and provide precise heating and air conditioning. Inverter technology allows you to heat and cool on a broader spectrum.

Traditional heating and cooling systems have a single speed. It kicks on and off, and there is no in between on how much power it uses. This can lead to hot and cold spells, and inefficient energy use.

With the inverter technology, your system can raise and lower how much output your air handler provides. This way instead of shutting off completely, like the traditional system, it stays on, just at a lower power mode, maintaining the right temperature.

More Precise Heating And Cooling

Through the use of this inverter technology, ductless mini splits are able to provide more precise heating and cooling than a traditional HVAC system.

Like we mentioned previously, the traditional system is going to turn off and on as the temperature goes up and down. This usually leads to certain spaces in the home not feeling as comfortable as the rest of the house.

With the ductless mini split, you are able to hone in on the EXACT temperature you want, and instead of the up and down, it maintains the proper temperature.

Energy Efficiency

Some people may think that running your mini split all the time would use more energy, but it’s actually more energy efficient than systems that cycle on and off more frequently.

It takes more energy to constantly turn the system off and on, and regulate the temperature, rather than running at a low power mode and never having to compensate for a big change in temperature. Just like driving a car at a steady pace uses less gas than constantly stopping and going for the same distance. The same premise applies here to your HVAC system.

Ductless mini splits also use heat pump technology, which can be used to heat and cool. Heat pumps are EXTREMELY energy efficient. They use electricity to power the mini splits, and not gas or oil like a traditional heating system. This heating and air conditioning is clean, and will save you money on your energy bills.

How Long Do Mini Splits Last?

Ductless mini splits usually last between 10-20 years. It depends on how well you maintain them. You will want to make sure you clean your filters regularly, and have a professional cleaning every 1-2 years.

Ductless mini splits last a long time, so keeping them running in tip top shape is essential to getting the most for your money!

Four Tips For Great Mini Split Performance And Efficiency

  1. Regular Maintenance
  2. Set The Fan To Auto
  3. Keep Inside Doors Open
  4. Use Your Curtains

Regular Maintenance

Just like we mentioned, make sure your mini splits are maintained by a professional regularly. These systems can build mold and mildew inside if they aren’t cleaned properly every so often. This not only keeps the system running efficiently but it also keeps the air cleaner that it is pumping into your home.

Set The Fan To Auto

Setting the fan to auto allows you to kind of “set it and forget it”. This will allow your system to run properly as it sees fit. If the system is going to run continuously, you will want the fan to be able to run as it needs to.

Keep Inside Doors Open

If you have a ductless mini split system, keeping the doors open for the zones you want to comfort is important to air flow and circulation. If you close the doors around the house, the air won’t be able to get from space to space.

With a central air system, the air travels through ducts in the home to each room, so the doors don’t matter as much. With a ductless system, the air comes through each air handler. Keeping the doors open will let the air circulate around your home!

Use Your Curtains

This is something simple, but a lot of people don’t think about. Use your curtains to help comfort your home. In the winter, open the curtains and let the sunlight in. This helps warm the room a bit naturally. Then at nighttime, close the curtains to help insulate the windows.

In the summer, close the curtains during the day. This will keep the sun from heating the home unnecessarily. This simple method helps save energy, and also improve comfort!

Mini Split Installation In Chalfont, PA

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