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Reasons You Need a Sump Pump Installed in Your Home

Sump pumps are your defensive line against flooding. If you live in an area where flooding is even a slight blip on the radar, you want to be prepared against it rather than look back later and wish you’d set up protection for your home.

Getting sump pumps in Philadelphia, PA is a simple process with enormous benefits. These are the reasons you need one in your home as soon as possible.

Benefits of a Sump Pump

  • Preserves your home foundation: When excess moisture builds up in the soil around your foundation, it creates pressure. As the soil expands, it can cause damage to your home. Your home foundation is no match for mother nature, but sump pumps can help pull water away from the foundation and prevent this from happening in the first place.
  • Lower basement humidity levels: Most foundations have some way to allow a little bit of moisture in (through age, wear, and tear). It creeps into poorly insulated basements as well, but a sump pump helps maintain a lower humidity level which can not only prevent mold growth, but benefit your health as well.
  • Prevents finished basement paint from peeling: We all love the idea of a finished basement as a fun space, but it’s at a higher risk of moisture-related damage than any other room in your home. Keeping the humidity down prevents the paint from peeling and other damages.
  • Reduces mold growth: Mold grows in places with 60-70% RH, or relative humidity. Above that? Its growth accelerates. Don’t let it get to that threshold, otherwise your basement could actually make you sick and lower your quality of life. Sump pumps help prevent that.
  • Baseboards don’t warp: Moisture is the enemy. We get that. When it comes to wood, moisture is really bad. All wood has to retain a certain (and very low) amount of humidity. This depends on the type of wood, but these amounts usually rest between 5% and 20%. When your home’s RH breaks into the 60% range, wood absorbs humidity and warps. That means you can kiss your baseboards goodbye.

Watch Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Sump pumps may actually be a requirement of your homeowner’s insurance. If you’re in an area that’s prone to flooding, your homeowner’s insurance may either give you a higher rate if you don’t have a sump pump, or simply discontinue coverage and alienate you as their client.

Some homeowners insurance companies aren’t so strict, but there’s still a benefit for you. If you call them and mention that you have a new sump pump, they may offer a discount since it lowers their total risk by insuring your home.

Keep Your Home Safe and Dry

Prevent flood damage, prevent moisture from damaging your foundation, and check all the boxes that your homeowner’s insurance might require. Sump pumps are one of those home upgrades that you’ll be thankful for the next time flooding hits your area.

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