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Cobbs Creek Environmental Center

Cobbs Creek Environmental Center Job Review

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As a part of a requirements contract that we have with the City of Philadelphia. We were given the opportunity to work, on replacing an existing hydronic boiler, at the Cobbs Creek Environmental Center with the two new Bosch high efficiency commercial boilers. Our commercial team is versatile when it comes to installing standard rooftop installation systems or even some of the more advanced VRF type systems, but also in hydronic commercial boiler applications.

On this job, the main challenge was actually to remove an existing boiler from a very low cellar, with minimal access only through the Bilco doors that were level with the ground. Our team worked almost a week on getting the boiler removed and prepping the location for two new Bosch commercial boilers. The overall system of this building was very complex, the boilers were actually heating up the water for a large heat exchanger that in return would act as a backup heat for two large commercial York water source heat pumps that were located outside. We not only had to install a new boiler but also retrace all of the pipes to understand what controls what and also to replace an existing, custom made outdated proprietary Honeywell relay system with the more simplistic individual zone-controlled thermostats.

And as always, another challenge was to provide the building with the heat before the cold started. Which, our team was able to do and finish the project, within a specified contract time.