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Leak Detection and Repair

A hidden leak in a house, such as an underground water leak or leaks in pipes in the walls, can escape notice for a long time, leading to damage, waste, and other problems. It takes professional plumbers to detect these leaks and have them fixed. Synergy3 Heating & Cooling is your top choice for these and other professional plumbing services in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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Leak Detection and Repair Services

Whatever leak detection  installation or other leak repair services you need, you’ll find with us:

The Dangers of Unknown Leaks

Hidden leaks create major problems for a home:

  • They create an enormous amount of wasted water that continues to accumulate
  • They lead to water damage that can ruin floors, walls, and supporting structures
  • They allow for the growth of mildew and harmful molds

The greatest danger of hidden leaks is that they’re hidden. You won’t realize the enormity of the problem until a great deal of damage and waste has occurred.

Leak Detection

Our leak detection services can locate all types of leaks in a house. We recommend you arrange for leak detection every few years to help catch trouble early. If you suspect your home has leaks because of high water bills or signs of water damage, call our Philadelphia, PA plumbers right away to schedule leak detection.

Leak Repair

If we can find a leak, we can fix it. Synergy3 Heating & Cooling offers end-to-end solutions for plumbing problems, and we make every job our number one priority.

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