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Mini Split Vs. Baseboard Heating: Pros & Cons For Chalfont, PA Homes

Ductless vs. baseboard heating graphic showing they are not equal

Towns like Chalfont have a lot of older homes, with older heating systems. One of the more popular ways to heat homes in our area is through baseboard heating. It’s a reliable, basic way to make sure your home is comfortable in the winter.

Recently, baseboard heating isn’t as popular as central forced air heating systems, or ductless mini splits. In this article, we will compare ductless mini split heating to baseboard heating, and go over the pros and cons of both!

Baseboard Heaters: Pros & Cons

Electric baseboard heating is very simple, and it’s understandable why so many homes had it installed. It doesn’t take up tons of space, other than the few inches at the bottoms of your walls, and it doesn’t require invasive ductwork like a forced central air system.


Easy Installation

Baseboard heating is easy to install. Your contractor will select the spaces around your home you should place them. Then they install the baseboards with a bit of wiring, and install your thermostat. The installation is very simple, and not time-consuming or invasive.

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Inexpensive To Purchase

Baseboards have a low initial cost, and each room usually costs between $500 and $1000 to wire up. This is usually on the cheaper end of whole home heating solutions. This lower installation cost is usually one of the more appealing parts of baseboard heating.


Heating Only

One of the drawbacks of installing baseboard heating is that it only heats. For half the year, it’s not even used, and you need to find a different system to cool your home. With the technology we have today, there are so many options for systems that both heat and cool your home. This is where baseboard heating starts to feel a bit old and far less convenient than other systems.

Expensive To Run

Baseboard heating is expensive to run, and has a big impact on your utility bills. Unlike heat pumps that transfer heat, baseboards have to use energy to create heat from nothing. This process consumes a lot of energy. With baseboard heating, you are also heating the whole house, no matter how many rooms aren’t being used. This type of heating can be wasteful when it comes to energy efficiency and consumption.

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Mini Splits: Pros & Cons

Now we are going to tell you a little more about ductless mini splits,the pros and cons, and how they compare to baseboard heating.

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Excellent Comfort

Neatly mounted ductless unit

Mini splits are whisper quiet, and they keep each zone of your home extremely comfortable. The state of the art technology allows you to pinpoint the temperature you are looking for, and your ductless mini split will run on low power to keep it at that temperature, instead of turning off and on, fluctuating the temperature in the room.

Both Heating And Cooling

One of the other great advantages of ductless mini splits is that they both heat and cool. Instead of heaving to get a separate air conditioning system for the summer, the ductless mini splits can be used to cool your home too. No more needing to use window AC units in the summer, or worrying about installing a completely different system just for half of the year.

Inexpensive To Run

Ductless mini splits use heat pump technology that transfers heat, rather than generating heat from scratch, making ductless inexpensive to run. Ductless mini splits are extremely energy efficient, and over the lifespan of your system, ductless units will cost thousands of dollars less to run.


Expensive To Install

Ductless systems are more expensive to install than baseboard heating systems. You can expect to pay around $3500 or more for each zone. The installation isn’t much harder than a baseboard system, but the actual technology is so much better that it’s going to cost more.

You have to remember that these systems also have the ability to cool as well, so even though the price may be a lot higher, they also eliminate the need to get a separate cooling system.

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Our Recommendation: Ductless Mini Splits

Clearly, we have the opinion that ductless mini splits are a better option than electric baseboard heating. If you have a real strict budget, there is certainly nothing wrong with installing baseboard heating, but if you can choose, go with the ductless mini splits.

They have the ability to both heat and cool, and they cost less to run. Over the lifespan of your ductless mini splits, which is about 15+ years, you will make up for the initial cost with savings on energy bills. The improved, superior comfort, plus the convenience of mini splits makes them our first choice when it comes to heating (and cooling) your home!

How They Work

Ductless mini splits use heat pump technology to transfer heat, rather than generating it from scratch. This process happens in the outside condenser, and the air is pushed through small tubing to your air handler inside. From there it is dispersed throughout the zone it comforts.

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Once the proper temperature has been reached, the system uses inverter technology to run at a low and steady pace. This stops your system from turning off and on, and having the temperature fluctuate. This type of operation is also VERY energy efficient.

Mini Split Installation In Chalfont, PA

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