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Air Conditioning maintenance

Whatever plumbing installation or other plumbing services you need, you’ll find with us:

Most homes have ducts for a central air conditioning system. Central ACs are reliable and straightforward for our team to install or replace. We’ll take the time to properly size your new air conditioner so it will do the exact work you need from it.

A heat pump is a refrigerant-based system similar to an air conditioner, except it can reverse the direction it operates so it can also provide energy-efficient heating to a house. We’ll help you find the right option for a heat pump installation or replacement in your home.

Does your house not have the space for installing the ducts for a central AC system or heat pump? No problem! Synergy3 Heating & Cooling installs the best in ductless mini split heat pumps in Philadelphia, PA. You can enjoy quality cooling (and heating) without having to worry about the disruption of ductwork added to your house. Ductless systems also have excellent energy efficiency and built-in zone control.