Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement

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AC Maintenance

If you want to avoid the repair issues listed below, your best choice is to sign up for regular air conditioning maintenance. At Synergy3 Heating & Cooling, we’ve developed a cutting-edge maintenance program, our Synergy3 Connected Program, which includes remote monitoring for your AC. With routine tune-ups, your AC will last longer, rarely need repairs, work at higher efficiency, and give you general peace of mind each summer.

Most homeowners who have cooling systems use ducted central air conditioners. Our technicians have extensive experience with all types of repairs for central ACs.

We love ductless HVAC systems, and they often need fewer repairs than other types of air conditioning systems. But when your ductless system runs into trouble, we’ve got your back.

Whether your heat pump is struggling in hot weather or cold weather, our team of Philadelphia, PA-based HVAC pros will get it back to work. Your repair needs are always our top priority!