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How To Save Money And Conserve Energy With Zoned Heating And Cooling

Zoning your heating and cooling makes your home more comfortable and saves you money. Traditional HVAC systems typically heat or cool the entire building to the same exact temperature. If you set your thermostat to 73 degrees, it will try to get every spot in the house to the same temperature. In most homes, you aren’t using EVERY room all day long, and this leads to wasted energy.

What Is Zoned Heating?

Zoned heating is when your HVAC system comforts different spaces in the home independently. Instead of the traditional heating system that sets the whole home at the same temperature, you can heat your home in different zones.

This is a huge advantage to people who don’t use every room at all times, which is almost everyone. Instead of heating bedrooms and basements that aren’t being used all day, you can save energy by turning off that zone, or heating it at a lower temperature.

This is also great for people who disagree on temperatures. If the parents like their room at 70 when they are sleeping, but the kids like it a little warmer at 74 degrees, no one has to compromise! Each person in your home can set their zone to their preferred temperature.

Obviously, there are spaces in your home that everyone shares, like the living room. This is one zone and people are just going to have to agree on this one! Still, your comfort will be more customizable than ever before.

Does Zoned Heating Save Money?

Yes, zoned heating saves you money, and improves your home comfort. As we mentioned, when you zone your heating and cooling, you can set different temperatures for different zones. This is a great way to please everyone in the home, but it’s also a great way to conserve energy.

Traditional systems will heat every space in the home, no matter if it’s being used or not. This means you are WASTING MONEY by heating rooms and spaces that aren’t in need of heat. Zoning allows you to only heat the spaces being used. This alone saves SO much energy that it translates to lower energy bills immediately.

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Older homes also tend to leak air, and the energy efficiency is normally low. Combine the low energy efficiency with an old, leaky home, and having to keep the WHOLE HOME heated evenly all winter. The difference in the money spent on energy bills will be significantly lower with zoned heating and cooling!

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How To Get Zoned Heating In Your Home

Zoning your heating is easily achievable with ductless mini splits. Each mini split is in control of a different zone. Each of these mini splits also has its own remote thermostat. You can use the individual thermostat to set the temperature for that zone.

So many people use ductless mini splits because of their energy efficiency, but the additional benefit of being able to zone your HVAC is even more appealing.

Some traditional central air systems can also have separate thermostats placed in different zones in your home. Some newer whole home solutions allow you to install several different thermostats that will regulate different parts of your home, but these are less common.

Info-graphic showing comparison between a ductless unit, a window AC unit, and dual furnace and AC condensers.
  1. Baseboard Heating And Portable ACs
  2. Dual Furnaces And AC Condensers
  3. Ductless Mini Split System

Baseboard Heating And Portable ACs

Baseboard heating is a steady, reliable source of heat. It doesn’t have many moving parts, and it generally doesn’t break down. Baseboard heating can also be energy efficient when your system is properly insulated. Portable ACs are a little less convenient, even though they aren’t expensive.


You will have reliable heating around your home in the winter, with few breakdowns or repairs needed.. Portable ACs will be inexpensive to purchase, but that’s about where the benefits come run out.


In homes with large rooms, baseboard heating may not get to the middle of the room. Baseboard heating is better for smaller, more compact homes with less space to cover. In larger homes, they become less efficient, cost more to run, and may not heat every space perfectly.

Portable AC systems may be cheap, but they are costly to run, often very noisy, and don’t evenly cool a space. In most cases, the spot directly in front of the AC is TOO cold, and the rest of the room is cold in spots, but not every one.

Dual Furnaces And AC Condensers

Dual furnaces and AC condensers are a great, “green” option when it comes to heating and cooling your home. This system means you have 2 sources of heating, your heat pump, as well as a furnace. The heat pump does all the heating until it gets very cold, and you need the furnace to kick in.


This is an energy-efficient option and one that also features electric heating. The combination of different energy sources allows you to choose the cheaper source when it’s moderate enough outside. This option also allows you to cool your home in the summer.

This is also a great system for people that can’t access natural gas, but use propane or oil. If you have propane or oil, that can be used up and run out, having an electric heat pump do a lot of the work conserves these resources.


The initial cost can be high for these systems, and they don’t work for every single home. For some homes, this may be a little too much. Having a furnace and a heat pump takes up space, and for a smaller home, it may be overkill.

Zoning for a dual-fuel furnace can get complicated. You may need a furnace big enough to handle your whole house, but maybe it’s too big for one particular zone. This equipment can absolutely be zoned, but it can be clunky and inefficient.

Ductless Mini Split System

Ductless mini splits are spread throughout your home, and each control an individual zone.


Ductless mini splits are energy efficient, extremely quiet, and perfect for zoning your heating and cooling. Ductless mini splits can be used throughout your entire home, and work independently, allowing you to save energy, and customize your comfort.

Ductless mini splits are completely electric, and a great environmentally friendly option for heating and cooling.

These systems are easily designed, installed, and maintained.


Ductless mini split systems have a significant upfront cost. They aren’t so much more expensive than a traditional HVAC system, but if you have a large home with many zones, it can become pricey. 

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Our Recommendation

We recommend ductless mini splits for your zoned heating and cooling. The upfront cost may be a lot, but over their 15+ year lifespan, their energy savings will even that cost out, and you will likely save money in the long run. Ductless has the ability to heat and cool, and does it in an environmentally friendly way.

There aren’t many drawbacks when it comes to ductless heating and cooling, and if you want the best option to zone your comfort, look no further.

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