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How Mini Splits Work

Ductless mini splits work by using refrigerant to “pump” heat into or out of your home. In the summer the indoor air handlers capture and “pump” heat out of your home. In the winter the outdoor condenser extracts heat from the outdoor air and “pumps” it into your home.

These split systems are connected using small tubing that passes through a small hole in your exterior wall. One of the things people love most about ductless mini splits is that installation is very non invasive. Unlike installing a ducted system, there’s no need ot tear out walls or build unsightly soffits that detract from the look and space in your room.

Why No Ducts?

As we’ve mentioned before, this mini split system uses 3 components: 

  • Indoor Air Handler (High Wall, Low Wall or Ceiling Cassette)
  • Outside Condenser Unit
  • Lineset

A traditional system has one main unit that connects to ducts that run throughout a building. This air is pushed from the central system, through the ducts, and hopefully makes it’s way properly through your home. 

With a ductless system, each mini split is connected to the outdoor condensing unit. This small lineset is what connects the system, instead of using an intricate series of ducts. Each outdoor condensing unit can support up to 8 mini splits. We’ve seen many different setups, some in which 2 condensing units are needed for several mini splits, but no matter what the situation, the design of ductless makes it easy and flexible. 

Ducts leak air, and can be one of the biggest issues when it comes to energy efficiency. The lineset and design of the ductless system allows for far less loss of conditioned air and therefore, loss of energy and money. 

Mini Splits As Supplements

One of the biggest advantages to this design is the ease in using ductless mini splits as a supplement to a current system. Because you don’t need to add any invasive ductwork, you can simply add a ductless unit to heat or cool a problem area in your home. 

We have seen several cases of an HVAC system MOSTLY getting the job done, but it still doesn’t completely comfort every space in the home. The most common example of this is third floor bedrooms not getting enough cool air in the summer. 

Instead of using a noisy window AC, or a space heater, a ductless mini split is a perfect solution. It can be used all year long, hangs out of the way, and WILDLY increases the comfort of the zone it’s placed in.

This also helps you ease the burden on your current AC or heating system. In a lot of these cases, the residents would crank up the AC or heat to compensate. This would just turn other spaces in the house into becoming uncomfortable, and wastes energy and money. 

Ductless mini splits are also a great solution for additions to the home. Instead of adding ductwork, you can install a ductless unit to the addition that will work all year long. 


Zoning Your Comfort

One of our favorite benefits that comes along with ductless mini splits is the zoned comfort. Because of the way ductless mini splits are designed, it allows you to use them independently, at different temperatures. For example, if you have 5 mini splits in your home, you could have 3 running at 72 degrees, while another is at 75 degrees, and another in an unused room is off. 

This allows you to do a few things: 

  • Keep everyone happy – So many homes come with arguments over the thermostat. Obviously whoever hangs out in the same room will have to come to an agreement, but if people are spending time in different rooms, they can have the temperature that THEY want, without an argument. 
  • Saving energy – If you don’t have to keep the whole house the same temperature, you don’t have to use as much energy! This is a huge benefit, that helps you lower your carbon footprint, and save money on energy bills. 


Mini Split Installation In Abington, PA

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