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How a Ductless Mini Split Saves You Money on Utility Bills

Right now, you control every possible expense in your budget. But your utility bill? That feels like you can’t possibly have better control. You tweak the thermostat, use blankets instead of turning the heat on when you can, and cut all the necessary corners to save money. The thing is, there’s another way you can save money on your utility bills.

Installing a ductless mini split in Philadelphia doesn’t just help you with the summer sweat, but with winter chills as well. Let’s go over all the ways that a ductless mini split helps you save money on your utility bills year-round.

You Gain More Fine Control Over Your Heating and Cooling

Want the living room to be a cool 75° F, but need your bedroom to be a frigid 68° F? Now you don’t have to set your thermostat to a single temperature. If you have multiple air handlers, you can set one ductless mini split to a colder temperature than the other. Instead of spending a ton of money turning the entire house into a walk-in fridge, you can choose small areas or “zones” and change the temperature accordingly.

Direct Cooling Without the Ductwork

As the name suggests, there’s no ductwork in these systems, but what does that mean for your utility bills? Think about the fact that your AC has to fill those ducts with air and have the right level of air pressure to actually cool your home.

Ductwork isn’t perfect, and even small tears in the material can ruin the air pressure. You end up cooling air that just spills into your walls and attic, but that’s not even a possibility with a ductless unit. It’s very easy to forget about your ductwork and not realize that it could be ruining your energy efficiency. Ductless simply works better.

Easier to Maintain

Ductless units often come with filters that you can clean and replace, and it’s a very quick cleaning task that you can do once a month, or even more frequently if you wish. The reason this is important is because very few homeowners actually change out their central AC air filter once a month.

It’s out of sight and out of mind, but as these are forced air systems, not changing the filter can be very damaging to your AC and make it work harder than it’s supposed to. Being able to maintain your ductless unit even in small ways puts more control in your hands. Plus they’re also easier for technicians to perform tune-ups on since everything is in a very compact and accessible area.

Get Your Mini Split Installed Soon

Mini split installations don’t take nearly as long as you’d think. You can have one or multiple ductless mini splits in your home relatively quickly, and experience superior heating and cooling over central AC and furnaces. We’re ready to help you whenever you want to make the switch.

Contact Synergy3 today to schedule your ductless mini split installation, repair, or maintenance as soon as possible.