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Cost of Ductless Vs. Traditional System

The Cost Of A Ductless Vs. Traditional System





Choosing an HVAC system is a big decision, and a big investment for your home. This system is going to keep you comfortable, and also have a major impact on your energy bills for years to come. Making sure you choose the right system for your home is so important. 

Both a traditional and a ductless mini split installation are expensive investments that have different costs associated with them. Most people think you can just look up the price of the system, and that’s all you have to think about. This isn’t considering every aspect. 

When you consider the cost of your HVAC system, we should look at a few different factors: 

  • The Price Of The System
  • The Cost Of Running The System
  • The Lifespan Of Your System

The Price Of Your System

The cost of the installation is the first factor when it comes to the overall cost of your system.

A traditional HVAC system usually costs between $5000 and $10,000 to install. Newer installations can be a little more expensive, around $12-15K. It all depends on the size of your home, and what system you need. You may also need new ductwork installed. This is going to cost extra, and become invasive. Walls need to be torn apart, and it will be a dirtier job with ductwork being needed. 

A ductless installation usually costs between $5000 and $20,000. Once again, it depends how many mini splits you need to spread throughout your home. You can usually figure that each mini split will cost roughly $5,000. This process is less invasive, and no ductwork is needed. 

Depending on the home, ductless and central air systems tend to be roughly the same cost, with ductless becoming a bit more expensive the more mini splits you need. 

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The Cost Of Running The System

Once your system is installed, the cost you will be living with for years is the cost of running your system. Energy bills can become very expensive, and one of the worst parts about turning on your heat or AC is the bill that starts to build because of it. 

Energy Efficiency

Ductless systems are more energy efficient than traditional HVAC systems. They do a better job of converting energy into conditioned air, and cost less to run than a central air system. This is something that makes a huge difference over time, depending on the size of your home and energy bills. 


A ductless system works in zones. Not every zone has to be set to the same temperature, and not every zone even has to be on. The mini splits operate independently of each other. This is great in almost every home. There are usually plenty of rooms around the house you aren’t using all the time. You don’t necessarily need to turn your unit off, but you could turn it down when it’s not needed. 

This isn’t the case with a traditional central heating or AC system. They generate all their conditioned air in a “central” spot, and deliver it to spaces in the home through ducts. This is an inefficient process if your ducts aren’t in perfect condition. There are normally leaks in the system that let air out. This makes it harder to comfort every space in the home, and it also makes the system work harder to compensate. If your system is using more energy, it is going to cost more to run. 

The Lifespan Of Your System

Both ductless and central HVAC systems should last between 12-20 years, depending on how well they are maintained. There’s not a huge difference here between the two systems, but the important thing is that you know how long this choice is going to affect you. 

Choosing an HVAC system is important, and something that will impact the value and the comfort of your home. The up front cost is a big factor, but dealing with the energy bills that come along with your system is something that will impact your budget for at least a decade or more. 

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What System Should You Choose?

No matter what system you think you want, you should have an expert come in and take a look at your situation. HVAC professionals should know what to recommend based on the size and design of your home. All homes are different, and not every home has the same solution. 

Over the course of this lifespan of your new HVAC system, the more efficient model will likely cost less in the long run, which is the reason we would choose a ductless mini split system versus a central ac and heating system. 

There are some incredible central air systems out there that are highly efficient and do a great job. We really love the features of zoned comfort, and the energy savings over the lifespan of the system. 

Even though you may be paying a little more up front to install a ductless system, the lower energy bills and customized comfort are really benefits that offset the initial cost. 

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