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What Does A Mini Split System Look Like Installed In A Home?

Ductless mini splits are a great way to heat and cool your home, but you may be wondering, what will it look like once it’s installed? Luckily, ductless mini splits come in different sizes and colors, and can easily blend right into any home or aesthetic. In the article, we will tell you what a […]

Why Is My Upstairs Colder Than Downstairs In The Winter?

Why Is My Upstairs Colder Than Downstairs In The Winter? Can I Fix It? Keeping your whole home comfortable in the winter can be a challenge. In lots of homes there may be a floor or a room that never seems to get warm in the winter. We are going to tell you a little […]

How Do You Find Your Optimal Sleep Temperature?

Traditionally, the optimal sleeping temperature is between 60 to 67 degrees fahrenheit. Normally we suggest setting the thermostat to 65, but it can vary depending on what you prefer in your home.  Arguing over the temperature of the thermostat with the people in your home is never fun. It can be a battle all day […]

Mini Split Vs. Baseboard Heaters For Chalfont, PA Homes

Mini Split Vs. Baseboard Heating: Pros & Cons For Chalfont, PA Homes Towns line Chalfont have a lot of older homes, with older heating systems. One of the more popular ways to heat homes in our area is through baseboard heating. It’s a reliable, basic way to make sure your home is comfortable in the […]

Why Does My Third Floor Not Get Enough Air Flow?

The third floor always seems to be a problem when it comes to cooling in the summer. It’s probably a familiar feeling walking up the steps to a third floor bedroom or loft and feeling the wall of heat as you go up the stairs. It’s one of the complaints we hear the most when […]

How to Make the Jump From Furnace to Heat Pump

Your furnace has been as reliable as can be, but it’s costing you money. Beyond that, it’s potentially a safety hazard compared to a heat pump. Whatever your choice is for making the switch, changing to a different type of system can be a bit daunting and feel like a hassle. We’re here to tell […]

5 Comfort Tips: How To Heat A Large Room With High Ceilings

How To Heat A Large Room With High Ceilings (Without Space Heaters) High ceilings are usually a very appealing part of any home, but it can also come with a few challenges, in particular keeping the room warm in the winter. There are two main reasons that a room with high ceilings is hard to […]

Why Is One Room In My Home Warmer Than The Others?

One problem we hear about a lot is one room never getting cool enough in the summer. Most of the rooms may be completely comfortable, but there is a room in your home that is still warmer than all of the others.  This doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem with your AC system. It […]

How Mini Splits Work

Ductless mini splits work by using refrigerant to “pump” heat into or out of your home. In the summer the indoor air handlers capture and “pump” heat out of your home. In the winter the outdoor condenser extracts heat from the outdoor air and “pumps” it into your home. These split systems are connected using […]

Five Best Ways To Heat A Finished Basement | Synergy3 Blog

How To Heat A Finished Basement In A Jenkintown, PA Home: Five Options We’ll start off by explaining just why a finished basement is often difficult to heat. Then, we’ll give you the pros and cons of five ways to do it. That way, you can make the best decision for you and your project. […]