Serving Pennsylvania

and New Jersey areas

Utility Programs

Working with government contracts for Philadelphia and New Jersey is one of the reasons why our work is recognized for its quality. While working with utilities is rewarding in the sense that we help thousands of low- income families, it’s no piece of cake! Each Utility Program has vastly different requirements.

PHDC, for example, has by far the most extensive paperwork. However, we have trained our project managers to practically complete it with their eyes closed.

PGW focuses on energy efficiency. This means that we have to convert the homeowners current unit to a 95% AFUE unit. This sometimes requires a lot of brainstorming amongst the Project Managers and our Installation Manager.

PECO is the only Utility Program that offers units such as mini splits and heat pump hot water heaters. This is another great way to help lower income families by not only giving their home comfort but lowering their utility bills.

Comfort Partners offers system replacements while also offering home improvement services such as bath fans, gas piping replacements and even oven repairs.

To be trusted amongst these government programs is something that we take very seriously. We are required to obtain specific licenses, certifications and training in order to participate in these programs. However, nothing is more rewarding to us than helping our clients be comfortable in their homes during the brutal summer and winter months.