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Meet The Team


Our President

I got into HVAC almost by accident. I was very young and had been in the country for a little over 6 months and at that time I needed a job. I asked this wise woman if she knew what I should pursue, and she suggested I should try HVAC. Here I am, 17 years later running Synergy3! Of course it’s been a long journey with ups and downs, but I can’t imagine doing anything besides this. The growth in our team is one of my favorite things about our company. I get to see every individual come on board, be nervous and shy at first, and then completely turn over a new leaf and crush their roles. It’s very rewarding to be a part of that! My personal goals for next year is to visit Japan with my son and do a bike-packing trip in Italy around Stelvio pass. I enjoy cycling in my free time, so I like to take any opportunity I can to do that! My professional goals are to continue winning Bryant Medal of Excellence and to grow our Residential Division. I’d love to hit our full potential and expand on it!


Operations Manager

I started working with Synergy3 in 2019. Even though I didn’t have any knowledge of the industry, I took this opportunity to learn the trade, so I took it! I started off running the warehouse, but have since been promoted to operations manager! I handle all office work and am credible for our Netsuite Implementation. It’s not the easiest job, but it is great to see all of my hard work help my teammates. I’m able to use my IT knowledge to build Saved Searches, which helps everyone a lot in their day-to-day tasks. I was also lucky enough to have been flown out to Vegas for the 2022 Netsuite Conference, where I was able to learn from the creators of Netsuite! Besides work, I also enjoy anything IT related. Computer building, learning technology, and coding!


Human Resources

I have been on the administrative side of HVAC & Electric for 16 plus years.
I really enjoy learning something new, in these fields, every day.
Along with typical office duties, I schedule evaluations, services/repairs & installations for one of our PA Utility programs.
My favorite time of day is our morning “huddles” with our 15+ HVAC/ELECTRIC/PLUMBING technicians. We review the previous day’s jobs, and prepare for today’s jobs & we always manage to add a little flavor, fun, or surprise to the huddle. This is our bonding time, so that as a team, our jobs run smoothly & efficiently.
I am a proud member of the Bryant Women of HVAC and have a newly acquired Notary License.
Alek, President of Synergy3, has given me the opportunity to grow and thrive in this field. Our entire team is a hard-core, hard-working group of individuals, making one successful & supportive team.


Installation Manager

I joined Synergy3 because of Alek. Before this job, I was unhappy with my previous situation. I’ve known Alek for years at this point, but was hesitant when he offered me a position. I had 0 knowledge of HVAC and really didn’t want to let him down. I studied a lot after work, just because of how important it was for me to learn. Now, I’ve been here for 3 years, and have since been promoted to Installation Manager. I’ve been able to oversee our biggest commercial projects. It’s really rewarding to see 4 monthly projects be completed, from the start of a sketch to turning on all of the units and having efficient working systems. My favorite part of working with Synergy3 is the culture. We’re all appreciated and have a clear path of growth here. The company has so much potential that we all excitedly work towards. I’m excited to see what the next few years have in store for us!


Marketing Manager

I started working with Synergy3 in 2021 and was clueless. I had 0 HVAC, plumbing and electric knowledge, but was interested in the challenge. Over the months, I realized I was in good hands. My team has helped me learn more than I ever thought possible. They never lost their patience with me, even after asking numerous, repetitive questions. Without my team’s support, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all the things I have in my marketing role! I’ve been able to completely redo our marketing and business plan, implement new software use within the company like Reviewbuzz and OnCall Air, and collaborate with outside sources to launch our blogs, content and website. I also work with Sergii on perfecting all of our content and ads! It’s always fun collaborating with Sergii and seeing our vision that we’ve worked on for months come to life, like our new vans!

My favorite part about working with Synergy3 is all of the fun we have. No day is the same as the previous one. Whether it’s a company outing or a fun lunch ordering from our favorite deli and sharing funny stories, it’s always something to look forward to!


Content Editor

I’m very passionate about photography, cinematography, and travel. It’s hard to find a stable career that aligns with that. I got very lucky with my job at Synergy3. I get to work with Gabie on all of our content creations. She sends me over new campaigns and content, and I’m able to apply our brand styling to the content. Together, we’ve created all of our team merchandise, client gift packages, and fun holiday office gifts! I also do a lot of data entry on Netsuite. That allows for the Project Managers to focus on more important tasks. My goal next year is to visit the Synergy3 office! Right now, I work remotely. But I’ve grown so close with everyone on the team and I’d love to actually get to meet everyone!


Project Manager

I joined the HVAC/ plumbing world because I wanted to challenge myself. I’ve never had the chance to work in a technical industry where the work affects people so directly, and where my decisions improve the quality of their lives. It seemed like the perfect outlet for me to grow and develop my professional skills. The team at Synergy3 is no nonsense. The quality of your work matters more than anything else, which is a refreshing change compared to other industries. If you ask someone a question, they’re willing to take time and make sure you understand the entire scope of the answer. They won’t leave you confused! Professionally I’d like to become “fluent” in HVAC so I can better support my team, and better support clients looking to improve their comfort and indoor air quality. Personally I’d like to direct a music video for a musical act next year, plus eating new food! I enjoy cooking and throwing dinner parties, listening to new music, and watching reality TV.


Project Manager

I was interested in the HVAC industry because it is such a unique field to work in. By working here, I got the opportunity to pursue a career in business and also engineering! I’ve been working with Synergy3 for three years. It has been a wild ride to say the least! I’ve experienced both the internal and external parts of the job, which has overall made me a well rounded team member. My personal goals this year are to focus on health and fitness. Alek is always motivating us about health and wellness, so I think I’m going to start paying attention to his fitness facts more! Professionally, I’d like to grow my HVAC network and attend more of our off-site seminars!


Warehouse Manager

My favorite thing about working here is the environment! When I started here 1 year ago, I also had no experience in the field. But, I told myself when I took this opportunity, that I’ll do what I can to learn. My teammates have been the reason why I’ve grown so much in my position! I started off learning everything from Tim, who was the Warehouse Manager at the time. I was the warehouse assistant and was learning more and more every day. About 6 months into my career, I was promoted to warehouse manager! I was shocked. Even though it was a lot of pressure, my training with the team assured me that I’d be able to handle this new career path. It’s been a wild ride, but I couldn’t be happier!


Lead Service Technician

I joined Synergy3 2 years ago. I have previous experience working at other HVAC companies, but none have been as enjoyable as working here. Of course there’s a lot of hard work and learning that goes into each day, but overall it’s better than any company I’ve worked with before. The company helped me become NATE certified and pushed me to become the lead residential technician. Having that motivation and support come from within your team is something rare, in any industry really. During my weekends, I like to go fishing and spend time with my family. I’ve also been continuing my learning journey on my own time, which has been rewarding in itself.


Senior Technician

I started working with Synergy3 because both of my brothers were raving about it! I was jealous of them coming home at 5PM, being off on the weekends. That’s what I wanted! I came in, had a fair interview with Oleg, and assured him that I’d be a good fit. It’s been a great year, career wise. I’ve learned so much and have been able to take the lead on major commercial jobs. But of course, I’m still learning a lot from my teammates and brothers. Over the weekend, I enjoy running! I’m actually in a little competition with Tim, our Operations Manager, to see who can run further!


Senior Installer

I’ve been working with Synergy3 for 6 years, which wow, is crazy! My goal when I started was career progression, which I feel confident that I achieved! It’s a great feeling to be able to come to a job site and do my work with ease. I’m also able to help out some of the new guys with my skills. I specialize in installing ductless units, which I really enjoy! The office has named me King of Ductless which is a little overboard, but flattering! My plan is to be the number one installer in the company, for every kind of unit. I’m happy to get all of the help and support from my team.


Residential and Commercial Specialist

I was able to join Synergy3 after moving to America. I was very lucky to be able to join this team when I came, having 4 years of experience definitely helped. So far, my favorite things about working with Synergy3 is my schedule, the opportunities, and management. My schedule allows me to spend time with my family, which is very important to me. I have endless opportunities here to learn new skills, which is very motivational to me. I enjoy participating in our weekly training sessions and learning about new units that I’m not as familiar with. I have a lot of goals for next year. Of course, I want to improve my quality of work. Besides that, I also want to be more involved with management to create solutions and work more directly on the interests of the company.


Lead Evaluator

I was roofing for 30 years, which I enjoyed. Towards the end of my career, I felt as if there was no more room for me to grow and continue my work. I’ve been here for about 6 months, and have really enjoyed working with everyone! Every morning, I meet with the Project Managers and technicians to go over any questions they have about installations and my evaluations. I enjoy going to client’s homes and brainstorming with them about their new units, their requests, and going over details of the installation with them. In my free time, I enjoy basic things like fishing and sports. Go Phillies!


Lead Service Technician

My friend got me this job in 2014. I was looking for a better job and didn’t have too many options. I’d hear my friend talking about how happy he was at work and started getting more curious about joining the team. I came in and was motivated to learn everything there is to know about HVAC. 8 years later, I’m still learning! I’m happy to work with my team because we all treat each other with respect. Besides that, it’s a lot of fun! I love all of the company events we get to attend. I’m not sure which one is my favorite. Either our annual paintball or our Christmas Party! My personal goal for this year is to read more and learn! As of now, I spend my weekends traveling. My family and I love the beach and the boardwalk. But I do want to incorporate educational reading in my free time as well!



I started working with Synergy3 not too long ago. However, I was instantly able to notice the difference in the company culture. In my previous companies, nothing mattered besides the company making money. Here, the people come first. Whether it is the clients or the team members, you can instantly feel genuine care among everyone. We want our clients to have the best possible experience with us and our teammates to be happy and heard. My goals for this year is to become an installation leader and learn more about the technicalities of troubleshooting!