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Giving Back

At Synergy3 we always believed in giving back. With our clients, we do everything with the sense that their comfort is our purpose. With that same reason, we believe in not only being successful in terms of revenue, but also as how we can give back. We could not think of anything simpler than giving back to a very talented child that could not afford the things she needed in order to be successful.

We chose Polina for many reasons. She’s the oldest of her three siblings in Ukraine. It was very hard for her parents to support all of their kids and their ambitions. So we got involved.

Polina is a very talented gymnast and later she became a pole gymnast. We at Synergy3 have been sponsoring her for many years now.

We encourage you to watch the videos that we have of her competing just to see how much work and dedication it takes to master this very tough sport. Polina didn’t have a normal childhood. Instead she chose to work really hard for numerous hours a day, for many years, doing what she loves the most, gymnastics.

She has won international competitions in Estonia and Spain. In Ukraine, she is winner and the runner up of the Deriugina Cup in Kyiv 2021 and Ukraine championship in the group competition 2021.

Parallel to rhythmic gymnastics, Polina was very successful in pole gymnastics. Many of her accomplishments run on international level, she was selected to represent Ukraine three times at the World Championships. She won the world in 2017 in Poland, placed 3rd in Italy in 2018 and placed 5th in Canada in 2019.
She was invited to be on You Got Talent in Ukraine and Romania, where she was selected to move to the second round.

Our dream as an organization was always to invite Polina and her family to visit us here in America. We never expected that they would be here due to these horrible circumstances. With The war that is happening in Ukraine, we were able to sponsor her whole family to come and stay in America under a “Uniting for Ukraine” program. Her entire family has become a huge part of our Synergy3 team. Her father has been a tremendous help in our warehouse, her mother bakes her amazing cakes for all of our company events, and Polina and her siblings come visit our office and bring in so much joy with them.

Of course we continue to sponsor Polina in her endeavors in gymnastics. She’s already represented Synergy3 in America, competing twice at the state and Interstate level.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished so far and we do hope that as the company grows, we will be able to continue with our giving back program and sponsor them so they can achieve their dreams.