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Our Story

Written by our President:

In 2004, I was working at Wawa, miserable. At that time, I was still fairly new to the country so I was happy to work anywhere I could. But I couldn’t help feeling as if I had more purpose than being behind the counter making sandwiches. I began working under experienced technicians as an HVAC apprentice and noticed that this industry has so much potential to improve and innovate. Yet, no one else was seeing the things I was.

In 2006, I used all of my savings to open up Synergy3, here in Philadelphia. I refused to be a “Man in a van”(In my case it was a 1991 Ford Explorer) company, but knew that for a little while, I had to be. I thought to myself, what is the first thing I can improve in this industry? Easy, the quality of work. That was my pride. No matter how big or small our projects were, I put 110% effort into them.

Since then, we’ve been able to secure some of the biggest city contracts. We started with PHDC, helping low income families have a nice heating system for their home. That is when I realized that HVAC is arguably the most important function of a home.

Our reputation grew and more offers came for different city contracts. Currently, we provide HVAC for services for utility clients in two states and under 9 different contracts performing HVAC plumbing and electrical service for more than 2 thousand clients annually. Though sometimes it can get a little overwhelming, especially in the heating system, the quality of work remains the same.

After 15 years of working with city agencies and local utilities such as PECO, PGW and PSEG, and helping low income families, we were able to perfect our process, our standards and quality of work. From start to finish, we knew exactly what to do to guarantee a happy client. That is when we decided to go and offer our service to every client, not just program work. We invested heavily in our NEW ERP system so our technology is of the highest quality, by doing this we are bringing you a 100% paperless experience, more connected technician and office, more connected you! But again, I reflected. I believed that we innovated the quality of work in the HVAC industry, so I thought to myself, what else can we improve? And then it hit me, the look and feel that our technicians bring into your home. The technicians are ultimately the biggest representation of our company culture and values. We only install the best equipment, so why would we send a dirty technician that looks more like an auto mechanic than anything, to do this high-quality project. So I sat down with my leadership team and we began brainstorming. Since then, we’ve done a tremendous amount of work. To start off, a completely new wardrobe for the technicians. All black uniforms were designed and ordered, with the best tri blend material on the market. All of the technicians received 7 pairs of black professional pants, black carhartt winter jackets, crewnecks, long sleeves, the whole nine! Our technicians looked better than ever. They stood out from the crowd, in the best way possible. We also began redesigning their trucks to match our all black vision. Our vans would not look like the rest, we refused. Our vans would also not be dirty and unorganized. But how do you convince a group of 30 busy men to keep their trucks clean? Easy. Cleanest Truck of the Month Competition with a trophy and a $500 prize did the trick. Plus the right to gloat to the rest of the team that didn’t win that month! That competition has been a huge success, with articles being published about it! Click HERE to learn more about it.

As a team, we work together to improve our company and industry everyday. Recently, we attended the Bryant National Dealer Convention. The entire leadership came, and we were able to divide and conquer. We learned about new products, marketing innovations, customer service development and team building. We also met everyday to discuss our 2023 plan, not only financially but how we can take on the new year in our mission to stand out and be the best HVAC plumbing and electrical company.

In 2022 and 2023, we were also awarded with the Bryant Medal of Excellence award. This was a huge accomplishment for us. Click HERE to learn more about.

In 2022, we also won the ACHR News Best Contractor to work for. This was one of my biggest goals since opening up the company. I wanted to have a work environment where everyone enjoyed being, felt awarded and heard. Click HERE to read more about it!

We pride ourselves in our core values, Quality Communication and Respect. We believe that that is the key to success. That goes for how we treat each other and our customers. We have a very tight knit team and genuinely love working together. Everyone’s opinions are heard and treated equally. We value our company culture above all else. That is perhaps the most important thing to know about us.

If you’re interested in joining our team or working with us, reach out!

office @synergy3.com